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A Message From Our Executive Director

As we enjoy the arrival of spring and the fast-approaching summer, I’m excited about the work the Foundation for a Healthy High Point is doing.  Many positive changes are happening in our community, and our work provides us a seat at the table.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we’ve added Funded Partners to our list.  These diverse organizations address access to care, behavioral health, food security, health promotion, immigrants and refugees, maternal and child health, violence prevention, workforce development, and youth services.  The list includes some new organizations as well as returning partnerships.  We’re excited to support these organizations as they focus on various complex factors impacting health in the High Point area.  In the summer, we expect to bring several additional projects on board. 

A key element of our role as a funder is shepherding progress through our funding decisions.  We focus on aligning resources to facilitate the outcomes our stakeholders have identified as critical to addressing the root causes of underlying health disparities in the Greater High Point community.  Examples include funding the expansion of The Basics, an evidence-based program supporting parents and early childhood development in Archdale and Trinity, and providing the startup funding to establish the national Y Readers Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program at the YMCA of High Point.  These projects demonstrate our commitment to the difficult work of addressing the factors that influence health outcomes.

Finally, as the Foundation marks the end of its 10th year of grantmaking and working in community, we express our appreciation for those who have invited us to be part of their work improving health in our city and surrounding areas.  We express our deepest gratitude to those who saw the wisdom of supporting a perpetual Foundation that would be a voice for change and improvement.  Since our startup, the Foundation for a Healthy High Point has granted more than $17 million to our community, working with more than 60 organizations.

Join us as we continue our efforts to bring about a healthier High Point.  We commit to working collaboratively to address the social influences that impact health and well-being. 

Best regards,

Curtis Holloman
Executive Director  

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