The Foundation for a Healthy High Point was established in 2013 as a private independent health legacy foundation.

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In 2013 the Foundation for a Healthy High Point was established as the High Point Community Health Fund, Inc., a private independent health legacy foundation with an initial endowment of $50 million from UNC Health System’s acquisition of High Point Regional Health System and an additional $5 million from the subsequent purchase by Wake Forest Baptist Health, which has since merged with Atrium Health. 

The Founding Board of Directors worked with consultant John Frank to create a foundation to benefit the community. Board Members included: Mary Beck, Don Cameron, Ned Covington, Louise Foster, David Horney, Jim Keever, Ken McAllister, Jeff Miller, Leah Price, Alan Stiles, M.D., and Elliott Williams, M.D. They identified Greater High Point as the geographic area of focus: High Point, Jamestown, Trinity, and Archdale. Tina Markanda was appointed the first Executive Director to build the organization and launch its first grantmaking program.  

The vision, mission, and values reflect a commitment to working collaboratively to address the social and economic causes of poor health outcomes. Since its inception, the Foundation has worked with more than 60 Funded Partners, making more than 193 grants resulting in over $15 million invested in the community. 

A part of High Point’s philanthropic and nonprofit landscape, the Foundation works across all sectors to improve individual and community health and well-being. As envisioned, it is a perpetual funding source and an agent of health improvement.

2013 – Established High Point Community Health Fund, Inc.

As a part of the acquisition of High Point Regional Health System, UNC Health System supported the creation of a private, independent health legacy foundation with a $50 million endowment. The initial Board of Directors was appointed and began its work with consultant John Frank (formerly Kate B. Reynolds Trust) to create a grantmaking foundation for the benefit of the community. The Board identified Greater High Point as the Foundation’s geographic area of focus: High Point, Jamestown, Trinity, and Archdale.

2014 – Awarded First Grant

Tina Markanda (formerly The Duke Endowment) was named Executive Director, and the Foundation began conducting and doing business as the Foundation for a Healthy High Point. The Board of Directors and Executive Director decided to incorporate two types of grantmaking: responsive and proactive. The Foundation made its first grant to a donor-advised fund at the High Point Community Foundation.

2015 – Launched First Grantmaking Program

The Foundation office relocated to 501 North Main Street. Its first grantmaking program, Spark Grants, awarded grants to seven organizations. The Foundation commissioned Early Childhood Intervention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, and Behavioral Health studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

2016 – Committed to Supporting Capacity Building

The Foundation launched its first strategic grantmaking initiative, Healthy Beginnings, which focused on issues regarding Teen Pregnancy Prevention and optimal early childhood development. It joined a funder’s collaborative to support the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium to increase funding and additional resources to enhance the skills and capacities of nonprofit organizations with shared missions to improve health and wellness throughout Greater High Point. The Foundation reached its first $5M in grant awards.

2018 – Received Additional Support to Endowment

Wake Forest Baptist Health purchased High Point Regional resulting in an additional $5M contribution to the Foundation’s endowment, distributed over five years. The Foundation legally changed its name to the Foundation for a Healthy High Point.

2020 – Responded to COVID-19 Pandemic

Allen Smart was named interim Executive Director. The Foundation established and administered an Emergency Relief Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fluid Strategic Investment Program provided one-time grants to nonprofit organizations serving the Greater High Point area to provide them with critical and flexible resources to weather, recover, and rebuild.

2021 – Transitioned to New Leadership

Curtis Holloman was named the second Executive Director. The Foundation launched its second strategic initiative, Healthy Minds, to increase access to behavioral health and build resilience among youth and families, aiming to connect the community to available behavioral health resources. The Foundation initiated a strategic planning process. As an ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation supported the launch of VaxConnect, a door-to-door outreach campaign to assist High Point residents with vaccinations.

2022 – Launched Strategic Direction

The Foundation held a strategic planning Board Retreat in the spring. It released the study: An Assessment of Social Drivers of Health in High Point, conducted by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Center for Housing and Community Studies. In July, the Foundation launched its Strategic Direction focused on Social Determinants of Health with an upstream approach.