Guilford Non-Profit Consortium


In February 2016, the Guilford Non-Profit Consortium began a customized six-month Organizational Capacity Building Program for eight health focused High Point non-profit organizations. The initiative aimed to strengthen the participating agencies through the integration of both organizational and leadership development. “Most nonprofits operate on a shoestring budget,” stated Steve Hayes, Executive Director of the Consortium. “We are so engaged in the great missions of our agencies that we easily forget we are really tax-exempt businesses, and our business models and fundamentals of operation need to be every bit as sophisticated as those of the for-profit sector.”

“The support of the Foundation for a Healthy High Point ensures that we continue to ‘do good,’ but also that we ‘do it well.’ ” – Steve Hayes, Executive Director

Discovery Learning, a leadership development company, conducted the classroom component of the program. Participating Executive Directors received individual coaching from Dr. Pamela Palmer, a consultant and Professor at High Point University. Additionally, participants received training from various consultants with expertise in areas including strategic planning, human resources management, fundraising, and program evaluation.

The program resulted in the following:

  • Each organization acquired strategies to obtain new funding sources and diversify their income.
  • Each organization received three hours of pro bono consultation with a fundraising professional.
  • Each organization finished the program with a logic model, strategies for data collection, and other program evaluation tools.
  • Each organization updated position descriptions upon completion of the program.

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