Mental Health Associates of the Triad


Mental Health Associates of the Triad, a provider of mental health services to adults, worked with the Guilford County Court Services to offer mental health evaluations, therapy and follow-up care for Guilford County offenders with a diagnosed mental illness. The primary goal of the project was to have a mental health presence available to court services that would address an individual’s mental illness through provision of care, eliminate or reduce the need for incarceration, or referral to higher level treatment options, such as hospitalization.

Since January 1, 2016 the Court Services Program has completed 438 assessments.

From October to December 2016:

  • 76% of these cases were satisfactorily dismissed by the court.
  • 90% of participants successfully completed the program.
  • 74 clients were referred to the Mental Health and Drug Treatment Therapeutic Courts.
    • 93% of these individuals had no further charges when compared to six months prior to participating in the program.
  • The agency is still in the process of evaluating longer-term outcomes related to mental health stability and referral to higher level of care.

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