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Fall 2024 Medicaid Expansion Grants

July 8: Call for Proposals
Thursday, August 15: LOIs Due by 3pm
August 30: Invitations to Submit Applications
September 2-13: Site Visits & Consultations
Thursday, October 3: Applications Due by 3pm
December 11: Funding Announcement
Grant Begins: January 1, 2025


This special call for proposals seeks to support nonprofit organizations implementing Medicaid expansion and conducting outreach to enroll newly eligible patients. Our goal is to increase access to care and build capacity within organizations to support the expanded Medicaid population.

About Medicaid Expansion

In 2023, North Carolina expanded healthcare coverage to more residents. As of December 1, NC Medicaid now covers individuals aged 19-64 with higher incomes. Over 447,000 North Carolinians have enrolled through Medicaid expansion, with about 1,000 new enrollees each day.

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About the Medicaid Expansion Grant Solicitation

While Medicaid expansion launched in December, we know that nonprofits require additional resources to manage the increased number of patients and communicate with newly eligible individuals.

Goals of the Grantmaking Program

  • Increase organizational capacity to support newly eligible patients
  • Increase the number of Medicaid-eligible patients receiving services
  • Inform and educate the public about Medicaid eligibility and application processes


Funds can be used for general operating expenses to support Medicaid expansion or outreach. The Foundation has prioritized up to $500,000 total for this grantmaking program. Collaborative proposals (involving more than one organization) will be more competitive.

Example Project Ideas (not an exhaustive list)

  • New or expanded staff to support new patients and bridge the transition until reimbursement can sustain operations
  • Outreach, communications, or marketing to enroll newly eligible individuals
  • Technical/IT systems improvements to support expansion
  • Staff training related to serving the expanded Medicaid population


Eligible organizations must:

  • Provide Medicaid-eligible services AND/OR
  • Conduct marketing, communications, or outreach to increase Medicaid enrollment

Additionally, eligible organizations must be:

  • Nonprofit organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3).
  • Located in and primarily serving residents of Greater High Point (including High Point, Jamestown, Archdale, or Trinity), or
  • Located outside this area with a large percentage of clients or participants from Greater High Point, or
  • Located outside this area with a stated intent to expand services to Greater High Point.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the goals of the Medicaid Expansion Grant Program
  • Potential impact on the target population
  • Feasibility and sustainability of the proposed project
  • Collaboration wiht other organizations and stakeholders
  • Clear and detailed budget and justification for funding request

Medicaid Expansion Grants Process

  1. Eligible nonprofit organizations first submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) — a brief proposal (2 – 3 pages) outlining the idea, project, or initiative.
  2. After the LOI deadline, the Foundation reviews all LOIs and invites selected organizations to submit formal applications.
  3. After the Foundation reviews all applications, organizations are notified approximately two months later whether they will receive a Medicaid Expansion Grant.

Letter of Interest Format

The 2–3-page LOI should include:

  • Background: A brief background of the organization.
  • Project Description: A description of the project, how it will support Medicaid expansion implementation, target audience, activities/services, duration, and impact on Greater High Point residents.
  • Intended Impact: A description of the intended impact, such as the number of new Medicaid patients seen, enrolled, or increased awareness/knowledge about how to apply for coverage, etc.
  • Budget Summary: A proposed budget, in summary form, for the total cost of this project and the amount the organization intends to request from the Foundation and other funding sources. As appropriate, please identify the specific budget item(s) for which Foundation support will be requested.

For instructions on how to compose an LOI, including examples, please visit Candid Learning.

How to Apply

LOIs and applications must be submitted via the Foundation’s online grant portal. Hand-delivered, emailed, or mailed LOIs and applications will not be accepted. To log in to the Grant Portal:

  • New users must create an account.
  • Those who have previously applied for a grant from the Foundation must use the same account information to log in. If you think you or someone at your organization has already registered in the system, do not create a new account. Please contact us at 336-822-7740 to receive your username and password.

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