With our roots in healthcare funding, our current research into the health challenges facing Greater High Point, and our deepening relationships across the community, the Foundation takes on multiple roles to achieve lasting improvement in quality of life.

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We invest in evidence-based and innovative programs to address the root causes of poor health outcomes.



We intentionally bring stakeholders together around critical issues affecting the health of the community.

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We support building shared resources that strengthen the community and our funded partners’ ability to affect change.



We increase our collective impact through public awareness campaigns and education about health issues, and by building a better public understanding of those issues and policies that affect the health of Greater High Point.

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We engage with residents and community members to better understand the health-related needs, gaps, and assets that can be leveraged toward better health outcomes.



We strengthen relationships within communities and develop cross-sector connections with other foundation, government, business, education, and nonprofit leaders to find long-term solutions to health challenges.

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Let’s work together to improve health outcomes.