To improve the long-standing health issues confronting our community, we must address underlying factors that cause disease and sickness. This "upstream" approach to addressing the root causes, or social determinants of health, requires changes to structural and systemic barriers.

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Upstream Approach to Health

At the Foundation for a Healthy High Point, we take an upstream approach to addressing the social, economic, and environmental conditions determining well-being. Through open dialogue with residents and strategic partnerships, we invest in solving the most pressing health issues, removing barriers, and improving the systems at the source of poor health outcomes.

Impact of Disparities

During a recent strategic planning process, our research found underlying health disparities to be among the most demanding challenges in Greater High Point. We learned that communities of color, immigrants, children, and the elderly typically experience inequitable health access and/or outcomes. The study identified specific neighborhoods and census tract locations where long-standing health problems have plagued generations.

Moving upstream to reduce disparities and improve community health will involve diverse players across multiple sectors with different responsibilities. The Foundation is committed to engaging in this work to achieve long-lasting, transformative improvement.

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