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People without health insurance are less likely to see a primary care provider, less likely to participate in regular health screening, and less likely to have the ability to afford medications. People who live far away from a health care provider and/or in a rural area or lack access to reliable transportation are also less likely to seek routine medical care. Interventions aimed at increasing transportation access to health care services and improving health communication information can help improve overall health and well-being.

The Challenges We Face

  • 25%

    of High Point residents have experienced depression or anxiety

  • 15%

    of High Point residents have chronic mental and/or physical health concerns

  • 10%

    of High Point residents have no health insurance coverage

  • 22%

    of High Point residents do not get annual check ups

How We Work


The Foundation supports efforts to advocate for Medicaid expansion, including a letter to the editor in the High Point Enterprise, describing the positive health and economic impact for High Point residents.


Through the Healthy Minds initiative, we foster a collaboration among multiple behavioral health services providers focused on increasing access to integrated behavioral healthcare and strengthening referral networks.

Building Capacity

We provide support to the JustTEENS Clinic, a teen-friendly, teen-only clinic, to add behavioral health to list of services – including individual and group therapy and medication management.

Our Partners on This Issue

Our Upstream Approach

Learn more about how we address the social, economic, and environmental conditions determining well-being.